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An excerpt from our Yellow Fever Vol.1 series, featured in the 4th Edition of Women’s Realities, Women’s Choices: An Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies (Joan Simalchik and the Hunter College Women Studies Collective, editors; Oxford University Press, 2017). ISBN 0195430239, 9780195430233.

“The bodies of Asian women have also been represented as particularly erotic and exotic, but in contrast to the bodies of black women, they have been associated with smallness, timidity, and subservience, traits that have made them seem desirable to many men in Western societies. This perception has led to the development of a highly profitable mail-order business in which Asian women are sold to Western male consumers as brides. The sensationalist attention that activists and journalists have paid to this industry and the stereotypes on which it is built elide the variety of strategies that Asian women themselves enact in seeking husbands in the West.” (p. 110)

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